Hand Massage

Bodywork Services

60 minutes - $135
90 minutes - $195

Prenatal Yoga 

Coming soon! 

Prenatal Massage

You can schedule your prenatal massage as early as you'd like, including in the first trimester. If you have a high risk pregnancy I will need a note from your physician. In our session, you will be completely supported safely and comfortably. We can position you either side-lying, on your belly on orthopedic body cushions, inclined on your back, or any combination of those that best suits you and your baby's specific needs. I will use a variety of techniques including orthopedic, Swedish, myofascial, and others to help you feel relaxed and work the areas that need attention, especially the weight bearing areas of your neck, shoulders, hips and feet.

Postpartum Massage

Schedule your massage as early as you'd like after giving birth to your little one. Whether you have delivered vaginally or via c-section, we will make the session work for you and your particular circumstances. Now is a great time to receive a massage for many reasons. It can help you recover from labor, help ease the stress in your body from nursing and holding your baby hours on end with little sleep, and increase the right hormones to support lactation. All postpartum things, including blood, milk, scars, stretch marks, etc. are normalized and welcome here. You need care just as much as your baby does. 


You are welcome to bring your infant with you and if he or she needs to lie on you or breastfeed during the session, that is totally fine.